Complete command of your wash control system.

Utilize industrial-grade car wash controls at your fingertips.

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Maximize your profitability with Guardian Wash Command


20+Years in the industry

Locations with marker

1,600+Wash sites served


16-120Wash functions

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Precision. Reliability. Complete Wash Control.

With decades in the car wash industry and thousands of packages installed, by choosing Guardian Wash Command, you'll get a plug-and-play car wash controller custom-designed to your exact wash specifications.

Best of all - we don't use a PC to control the car wash. It's all at your fingertips via touchscreens to help you monitor all the elements as a car moves throughout your wash.

Dial in your wash with our car wash tunnel controller so it always functions at peak performance.

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Features & Perks

  • Remote Access: Access onsite or remotely to continually monitor all wash functions.
  • Plug-and-Play Design: Save on installation and wiring costs with our easy implementation.
  • Easy Integrations: Connect remote modules, motor controls centers, variable speed drives, premises lighting panels, and additional touchscreens with networks connections.
  • Customized Configurations: Configure custom starting sequences, function outputs, wash stop or anti-collision loops.
  • Fits Your Loading Style: Suitable for manual or automatic vehicle loading.
  • Notifications: Get notifications by email, text message, and on-screen banners for any operational issues.
  • Industrial-Grade: Long-lasting, industrial-grade parts are easy to replace off the shelf.
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Who do we serve?

  • Traditional over/under roller-type conveyors
  • Surface conveyors
  • Belt-type conveyors
  • World-wide clients with car wash equipment needs

The Guardian Wash Control System delivers total control of any car wash tunnel.

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